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Jimmy Deans

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Thank you, Ted, GM at Staples McBean & Lyons.

Last week, Staples Corporate stepped up their pressure on local Staples stores to help promote local essential businesses by promoting them in their StaplesConnect.com business directory.

Jimmy Deans was pleased to be a part of their directory.   The GM at our local, Staples® McBean and Lyons #306, Ted Carr, was very helpful in getting us into the directory — guiding us and following up with us on getting some content.

See the picture of us in the directory as well as the information we submitted below.

Our Staples Connect Listing


Our Content

Message to the local community

Historical Landmark in Old Town Newhall Jimmy Deans was established more than 50 years ago in 1968. As a historical landmark and local favorite, Jimmy Dean’s fits in as a charming casual, but classic dining option in old town newhall. We are located on 22941 Lyons and Kansas — across Kansas is the “School of Rock” and very close to the Newhall DMV at Newhall & Lyons.

How is your business doing?

When Covid-19 hit, we had to make some quick changes in operations to accommodate the new rules. In addition to wearing masks while preparing & processing drive-thru, takeout & outdoor dining orders, we’ve optimized our drive-thru, phone and in-restaurant takeout ordering processes to handle the increased volume of takeout orders. We’ve expanded our outdoor dining area to accommodate customers that choose to eat at the restaurant.

Tips to other small local businesses?

Specifically, in the food service business — don’t take your customers for granted — keep your eyes & ears open, survey, interact with them. Accept that change is the only constant — evolve and adapt. Take the challenges presented by Covid as a stress test — learn & adapt, work hard not only survive, but thrive. There will be challenges presented in the future, this will make you stronger — and potentially, recession-proof.

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